Strategic Account Program (SAP)


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GlobalOnePay is a leading provider of global omni-channel payment processing technologies and merchant services.  The company’s modular, scalable, cloud-based platform enables businesses of all sizes to grow by accepting a wider range of payments from virtually any market in the world.

Our Strategic Account Program (SAP) serves substantial volume, large ticket, restricted retail, eComm/MOTO, and higher risk merchant account segments.

  1. SAP Merchant Types
  2. Pre-vetting a Prospective Merchant
  3. Merchant Application Package Requirements
  4. Completing the Merchant Application
  5. Merchant Application Submission
  6. Underwriting and Application Status
  7. Merchant Specific Policies, Checklist and Addendums
  8. Documentation and Guides
  9. Sales and Marketing Materials

1. SAP Merchant Types

  • Merchant defined as “Restricted” on our prohibited & restricted merchant list.
  • Merchant with $150K+ in eComm/MOTO monthly processing volume.
  • Merchant with International processing requirements (select countries).
  • Merchant with complex or usual business model.
  • Payment Facilitator (PF) sponsorship.
Prohibited & Restricted List
Use reasonable, sound judgement when assessing merchants for the program. Consider the merchant’s products, services, and prices – do they appear legitimate and credible? The more information you can obtain on a merchant, less questions will arise during the underwriting process, and the application will promptly gain approval.
Helpful tips:

2. Pre-vetting a Prospective Merchant

Prior to assembling a complete application, utilize the pre-vet process in order to determine if the merchant type is acceptable for approval
  • Include any information pertinent to the evaluation process when completing the online pre-vet form.
  • Summarize information on the pre-vet form, do not submit merchant statements.
The pre-vet team will:
Note: Understand that a successful pre-vet is not a guaranteed approval –  information compiled during the underwriting process will determine outcome.

3. Merchant Application Package Requirements

Underwriting (UW) Reference Guidelines:
The guide provides a list of required documents for submission based upon the nature and volume of the merchant. Submit the application when all of the required documents are available. Do not submit photographic images of documents.

Additional requirements:

4. Completing the Merchant Application

Important requirements:

5. Merchant Application Submission

  • Submit applications and supporting documentation to:
  • All merchant applications are submitted to our Merchant Application Quality Assurance (QA) Team.
  • They review all application packages for thoroughness and supporting documentation.
  • Notification will be provided for packages missing information or insufficiency.
  • Only complete application packages will be submitted to underwriting (UW) for review.
  • Allow 48 hours for SAP applications to be processed.
  • Do not submit incomplete applications.  Incomplete packages will not be processed.

6. Underwriting and Application Status

Applications submitted to underwriting will be reviewed within 72 hours.  Underwriting will review and process the application, and a status will be assigned.

Once an application is submitted to underwriting the application status can be tracked in Pivotal Live. Communication regarding the merchant application in underwriting will be generated from Pivotal Live.  Ongoing communication and pend request is handled within Pivotal Live, as well.

All communication will be sent directly to the partner, not the merchant.  It is the partner’s responsibility to communicate with the merchant.

Application status categories:


Approved applications are provided a MID.

Conditional Approval

Conditional approvals require additional information from the merchant.  This is a way to get a qualified merchant processing as quickly as possible – while additional, non-critical documentation is being gathered.

Normally, conditional approvals provide the merchant with 7 days to submit the additional information.

There are two types of conditional approvals:


The application requires additional information or merchant attention in order to provide approval.  Once the requested information is provided to underwriting the application will move to the underwriting queue for review. Pended applications are reviewed in the order received.


An application we are unable to support based on the merchant type, business model, information and/or details provided. Declined applications can be re-submitted if the reason has been addressed by the merchant.


An application where one of the parties decides not to move forward. Applications that have outstanding pended items for 14 days or more will be withdrawn. The application can be re-submitted once the pended items have been addressed.

7. Merchant Specific Policies, Checklist and Addendums

Click on any link below to access the respective industry-specific policy, checklist, and addendum.

8. Documentation and Guides

Click the links below to access additional documentation and guides.

9. Sales and Marketing Materials

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