Complete Payment Facilitator Program

Boost revenues with our all-in-one Payfac solution for
SaaS, ISVs, web and app-based providers.
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Ready, Set, Go!

Our complete Payment Facilitator Program enables seamless payments by activating payment processing immediately upon signing up for an organization's core service or platform.

Saas Providers, Marketplaces and Platforms use this all-in-one PayFac platform to provide simple and secure payment acceptance for their clients. It also reduces the cost, complexity and risk that comes with building a payments infrastructure.
SaaS & Software Providers
Online Marketplaces
Payment Facilitators
Scalable & Modular

Whether you sign up 5 clients a month to 50,00, we can scale up to fit your business needs and goals. Our all-in-one PayFac platform supports business models of all sizes, especially those without the resources to set up their own payment service. 

Full Support & Expertise

Our knowledgeable staff provides full support and assistance to navigate the complexity of becoming a payment facilitator. This includes bank sponsorship, underwriting, legal framework, card brand registration, funding and reporting. We can do it all!

Robust Back-Office Features

We offer a robust back-office with comprehensive reports and more. Our Payment Facilitator portal provides full submission tracking, sub-merchant accounting with detailed transaction reporting and analytics, plus customizable user access levels.


Frictionless Merchant Onboarding

Enable seamless payments via API or a hosted enrollment page. It couldn't be easier! Track the progress of new clients that sign up for payments and receive real-time notifications upon approval. Our automated underwriting delivers fast approvals and same-day account boarding. Your sub-merchants can go live and process almost instantly! As a fully white labelled solution, they see your organization’s branding during signup, making the entire process frictionless.

Reduce Complexity & Risk

Becoming a payment facilitator can be complex without having the right partner. It requires costly investments in resources and the capabilities to meet compliance issues involved in payment processing. Our complete Payment Facilitator Program eliminates these challenges. Our team of experts will ensure you are compliant with all legal rules for aggregating payments including KYC, OFAC and AML. Minimizes costs, time and risk while maximizing profit. We take care of payments, so you can focus on building your client base and revenues.
Legal and Compliance Checklist
  • Automated KYC/KYB checks

  • Card brand registration and reporting (Visa, Mastercard)

  • AML verification screening

  • MATCH List screening (blacklist merchants)

  • 1099 Filing support

  • OFAC scanning and sanctions screening

Partnership-Driven Attitude

Building partnerships is what sets our complete Payment Facilitator Program apart. We remove the complexity of payment aggregation by providing full support and technical assistance. We believe in developing relationships and growing with our valued partners. Our program can also be fully branded to reflect your company's colors and logos. As your business grows to process 500 users per month, we can design a solution that will benefit you the most, to maximize your revenues and even provide greater value-added solutions.

Ready for a Complete Payment Facilitator Solution?
Our Payment Facilitation experts are ready to answer any question you have about our full service & customizable solution. Request more info to learn how fast and easy it can be to start aggregating payments to grow your business.