Payment Facilitator Connect

Offer payment processing as a revenue-generating, value-added solution
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Payments Done Your Way

Payment Facilitator Connect delivers more value to your clients by providing secure, reliable and multi-faceted payment processing solutions.

Easily and rapidly enable payment acceptance to build additional recurring profit, retain more clients and promote your own brand.

Above all, ensure your organization meets card brand guidelines and complies with all regulations for payment aggregation.
Experience Frictionless Merchant Onboarding
Payment Facilitator Connect powers accounts through a single, master merchant ID. GlobalOnePay’s innovative payment facilitator platform provides automated, real-time, seamless onboarding.

Grow your Business Through Our Turnkey Platform


Leverage our expertise in payment facilitation to ensure compliance with all rules for aggregating payments including KYC, OFAC and AML.


Real-time API-driven onboarding reduces complexity, cost and time to market, and ensures a frictionless onboarding experience.


Generate more revenue by easily provisioning a merchant account for your clients and have the flexibility to set your own pricing.


Own your customers and avoid sharing clients with third party gateway providers. The end-user experience is all yours.


Promote your own brand, not a third party, by using your company’s logo, colors, look and feel for everything payments-related.


Get assistance through the entire process: bank sponsorship, legal framework, reporting, merchant activation and 2nd level support.

3 Program Levels Offer Simplicity and Scalability

Lowest risk, easiest to implement
  • Full payment facilitator sponsorship

  • Card brand registration and reporting

  • Complete transaction reporting provided

  • Chargeback reporting and management

  • Managed funding and billing for all accounts

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Flexibility to choose from à la carte service mix
  • Customizable client enrollment process

  • Share in the underwriting process

  • Greater control of funding

  • Ability to view and manage chargebacks

  • Other customizable options available

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Highest risk program, includes full user control
  • Full liability for underwriting, risk, chargebacks, fraud, security and compliance

  • Direct client care required

  • Compliance and regulatory reporting necessary

  • Customizable enrollment process, terms and pricing

  • Direct client funding required

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Fully Branded Solutions, Customized for Your Market

We provide the knowledge, support and tools for quickly enabling payments for your market, no matter how you do business.
Payment Facilitators

Easily and securely offer payment processing and merchant services for sub-merchants. Our API-driven platform provides an automated, real-time onboarding experience with minimal integration.


Online marketplaces selling products or services via third-party merchants can directly provide eCommerce payments. Benefit from this ongoing, recurring revenue stream and offer an enhanced client experience.

SaaS Providers

Software as a Service (SaaS) providers who deliver licensed or subscription-based solutions for merchants can add the option for enabling payments directly upon signup, or as a value-add.


Deliver more value to your clients by enabling payments to sub-merchants on your own platform. Our experienced team provides full integration support and helps with your specific client needs.

End-to-End Technology, Solutions and Support

Bank Sponsorship & Ongoing Support

We provide bank sponsorship assistance and support just about every merchant category. Plus, benefit from the guidance of our experienced Risk and Compliance team.

Robust Back-Office Tools

Empower your organization with detailed reporting, chargeback management, funding and risk monitoring.

Value-Added Payment Solutions

Generate additional revenue through a range of merchant services including auto account updater, multi-currency pricing, tokenization, fraud detection tools and smart transaction routing.

Go to market fast. Enable payments in days
Through our state-of-the-art payment facilitator platform, easy implementation and rapid integration, Payment Facilitator Connect lets you go to market in a compliant, efficient manner.  Contact us today.