GlobalOnePay Mobile

Simple & secure way to accept credit and debit card payments anywhere.

Accept Payments Anywhere & Everywhere

GlobalOnePay Mobile is a simple and secure way to accept credit and debit card payments, anywhere your business takes you. With a robust mobile application available on Android, iPhone and iPad, as well as a number of integrated online payment capabilities, GlobalOnePay Mobile offers a convenient way to manage your business.

Accept all forms of payment including: EMV Chip & Sign, EMV Chip & PIN, magnetic stripe and contactless payments (Apple Pay, Google Pay).
Simple & Easy

Perform sales and refunds with quick, easy-to-use and flexible transaction management functions.


Connects via audio jack or wirelessly via Bluetooth, on iPhone and Android devices.

User Friendly

User friendly mobile interface allows for a superior cardholder experience.


Instantly email or text receipts to cardholders for added convenience.

iPhone with Apple Pay Checkout

Perfect Solution for Businesses On-The-Go

We’ve made it simple to accept payments wherever your customers are. Whether it’s in their place of business, their homes, or at a trade show, we have you covered!

  • Taxi or Limo Services

  • Restaurant Delivery Services

  • Special Events: Tradeshows, Festivals & Pop-up Shops

  • Contractors: Roofers, Plumbers & Handyman

  • Catering Services

Download the App

Download the app on iOS and Android, and immediately access an enhanced mobile experience for accepting credit and debit cards wherever your business takes you.

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Get moving!
Start accepting payments for your business where ever you go with GlobalOnePay's Mobile software and hardware solutions. Contact us today to learn more.