Level II Processing

B2B merchants save big when they collect more customer data for large businesses and corporations.
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B2B Solutions For Larger Volume Accounts

Business to Business (B2B) merchants in the US and Canada now have a variety of solutions to help drive higher profit margins when they partner with GlobalOnePay. 

Our comprehensive gateway suite is designed to give B2B merchants the tools and services they need to successfully manage data requirements at competitive rates. Let our dedicated team of payment processing experts provide broad solutions that will help your business increase revenues and drive efficiency.
Full support of Level II Corporate purchasing requirements
Integrate payments into major accounting, eRP or CRM software to speed up receivables and improve cash flow
PCI-Compliant Gateway solutions designed to decrease costs and Risks
Our In-House Support Team Provides Ease Of Integration And A Seamless Client Experience

What are the Data Requirements for Each level?

This handy chart explains the data requirements for each payment processing level. The more data you share with bank providers, the lower the interchange rates for every transaction processed. And the lower the risk for fraud or chargebacks.
Merchant DBA Name
Transaction Amount
Transaction Date
Customer Code
Merchant Postal Code
Tax Amount
Tax ID
Merchant Minority Code
Merchant State Code

Level II Certified Processing Benefits

GlobalOnePay's Level II processing services gives B2B merchants competitive processing rates and detailed reporting capabilities.

  • Expand your customer base by accepting Level II customer cards issued to large businesses and corporations

  • Receive favorable interchange rates in exchange for sharing more information about a transaction

  • Gain more control with every business transaction with detailed activity reports and account monitoring

Which level is Right For Your Business?

Merchants have a variety of processing solutions to choose from. However, Level II is the optimal choice for the majority of B2B merchants.

  • Level I processing are typically B2C transactions and incurs the highest in interchange fees

  • Level II processing provides additional value to B2B merchants by offering competitive interchange rates with minimal data requirements from bank card providers

  • Higher level processing requires additional equipment or integrations to manage the detailed data requirements

Choose the right level of processing to start saving!
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