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The World's Fastest Growing Bankcard Association

Accept 6 Billion UnionPay Credit and Debit Cards Across the Globe

If you're not accepting UnionPay, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the global market. UnionPay is the fastest growing bankcard association with over 6 billion cards in circulation worldwide. GlobalOnePay is a Principal Member of UnionPay International, giving you direct access to the world’s largest online retail market, quickly and easily.
Take Credit and PIN Debit

GlobalOnePay provides a direct connection to UnionPay, along with the ability to accept not just credit cards, but also online PIN debit.

Boost Your Sales

China is the world’s largest and fastest-growing eCommerce market, nearly 80% larger than the United States.

Extend Your Global Reach

Chinese consumers are embracing cross border eCommerce, with nearly 20% of online shoppers purchasing goods from outside of China.

Simple Setup and Reporting

GlobalOnePay offers a full-service implementation, including direct integration, rapid boarding, robust online reporting and dedicated support.

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Don't get left behind. More than 10 million online merchants outside mainland China accept UnionPay cards. Now you can too, and maintain your competitive edge while increasing sales.