Powering Payments for ISVs

Innovative payment technologies for Integrated Software Vendors, SaaS, Payment Facilitators and software providers.
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Turn Payments Into Valuable profit Centers

As a software provider or ISV, you can now further monetize your client base. GlobalOnePay instantly activates payment processing for your users whenever they sign up for your core service. Or, simply refer your clients to us and earn a generous commission when we sign them up. Avoid sharing clients with third party payment gateways and processors and instead own that revenue!

We do everything behind the scenes, so you can focus on your business. It’s a value-add that makes sense, for you and your clients.
Direct integration via API, robust SDKs, developer portal and sandbox.
Tailored programs designed to increase profitability for any vertical.
Access to our innovative payment products and services.
No risk solutions – we take care of all compliance issues related to payments.

integrate & Sync Innovative Payment Solutions


All-in-One Payfac program. Less risky & easy to integrate.


Offer more payment options and transfer funds securely & reliably.


Reach millions of customers and offer more options to pay in-app, mobile or web.


Fast, secure and integrated in-store and mobile solutions.


Our solutions are Level 1 PCI Compliant with 256-Bit SSL encryption on secure HTTPS.


Turnkey platform giving you access to over 100+ currencies.  


Automate credit card changes from your subscribers & reduce declines.


Safeguard sensitive customer information and eliminate your liability for data breaches.


Automate recurring & subscription based clients with our easy-to-use platform.


Full suite of risk & security tools from full service to automated solutions.

Secure & Simple to Integrate

instant Merchant Onboarding

ISVs & referrals get paid for every payment transaction. Board merchants fast, grow clientele & earn revenue for each payment processed.

Easy to

API for seamless, rapid integration. A developer portal with APIs, sample code and FAQs. Plus, knowledgeable integration specialists.

Full Support +
Robust Security

Point-to-point encryption (P2PE), tokenization and EMV solutions with access to consulting, technical support and training.

Benefits & Solutions For You & Your Clients

Partners Get:
  • A comprehensive solution that includes rapid and seamless onboarding, funding, risk management and more.

  • Sales enablement tools including marketing materials, online lead forms and training modules.

  • Dedicated Partnership Manager for direct support or escalations.

  • Go-to-market fast capabilities so you can focus on your clientele and grow into our full Payment Facilitator program.

Your Clients Will:
  • Be able to sell globally.

  • Be boarded instantly.

  • Save time & resources on manual risk & payment management.

  • Get access to automated subscription and recurring billing solutions.

  • Get a fully PCI DSS compliant system.

  • Not have to be subject to minimum processing requirements.

Easily integrate payment processing to your software or app today!
Our team is dedicated to your success. As a valued partner, our goal is to help you generate higher profits and client satisfaction.