Apple Pay™

Secure in-app transaction billing

Accept In-App Payments with Apple Pay

Apple Pay transforms payments within apps with an easy, secure, and private way to check out using a single touch. For use with iPhones, Apple Watches and other compatible iOS devices, Apple Pay allows customers to pay for a transaction using an app, without the physical need for their credit card.

The risk of fraud is greatly reduced when using Apple Pay due to the requirement of Touch ID to complete a transaction - the buyer's fingerprint identifies them as the cardholder.


With millions of potential customers on iOS devices, Apple Pay provides the opportunity for increased transaction volumes as customers take advantage of the easy payment process.


Apple Pay assigns a unique number for each purchase, so customer payments stay private and secure. This makes Apple Pay one of the safest and most private ways to make transactions.

Stress Free

Apple Pay uses the latest tokenization technology to encrypt customer details. By transforming a card number into a virtual token, Apple Pay provides customers with a stress free way to pay.

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GlobalOnePay's in-app billing with Apple Pay provides an easy, secure way for users to complete purchases directly in your iOS app.