Why You Need an Automatic Account Updater

If your business uses automatic billing for recurring and subscription sales, one of your goals is definitely an increase of acceptance rates at a low cost.

Automatic Account Updater ensures that the credit card information on the account is the most up-to-date and correct. Want to keep the revenue flowing? GlobalOnePay’s Automatic Account Updater helps your business to stay updated with all modifications to your customers’ credit card information, to avoid declines and to continue the service uninterrupted.

Your patrons might not always remember to update their credit card number and expiration date used for automatic billing when they receive a new card in the mail. Automatic Account Updater gives you convenience and assures you don’t have to chase after payments if you can’t reach the customer with the expired card on file.

If the card information is updated automatically, it means that the transactions approve and you avoid an uncomfortable conversation about a bounced payment with your clients. It also reduces the number of service cancellations and minimizes the risk of human error from the staff handling your clients’ payment data.

GlobalOnePay’s Automatic Account Updater can benefit your business, so we invite you to contact us to see how you can increase revenue with your recurring transactions.