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Top 7 Reasons to Become an Independent Sales Agent

There are many reasons that someone might decide that becoming an independent sales agent is the right path for them. If you are considering a new career, or simply want to take your existing sales career to a new level, being an independent sales agent may be the way to go. Here's why:

  1. Independence - It's in the name, but one of the biggest reasons people choose to become an independent agent is because they want the freedom to work for themselves, make their own moves and work with products they love.
  2. Learning the Lay of the Land - If you've been interested in a particular company, and you want to get your foot in the door, becoming an independent sales rep is a great way to get familiar with the company, their culture, and their products.
  3. Products You Believe In - Have you ever been forced to sell a product that you don't truly believe in? Then you know what a challenge it can be. As an independent sales agent, you have the ability to choose products and services that you truly feel confident in.
  4. Work-Life Balance - Being an independent agent is a great way to make your own schedule and gives you the ability to deal with life changes without the hassle.
  5. More Money - In the world of an independent sales agent, your earning is only limited by the amount of work you do. If you're tired of being stuck in low-wage jobs with limited hours, becoming an independent agent can open up a whole new world of possibilities.
  6. You've Always Wanted to Run a Business - Being an independent agent is a great way to boost your resume by proving you are self-motivated and ready to work hard. Independent sales agents are business owners in their own right.
  7. You Want To Grow - There is virtually no better way to grow as a business professional than to strike out on your own and make sales. Once you master the sales skills they will stick with you for life.

These are just the top seven reasons that being an independent agent might be right for you. Independent sales agents are always in demand and there are tons of great partner programs available to get you started.

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Kirk Smith

Kirk is currently the AVP Sales/Business Development for GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments Inc. Kirk has over 15 years experience in the electronic payments industry. His goal is to identify and establish strategic partnerships with business organizations, Independent Sales Agents and offices in the bankcard space.