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Spring Forward Your Business Social Media with These 4 Tips

Spring brings warmer weather and plenty of strategies to boost your brand on social media.

Winter is almost over, which means it’s time for business owners to start planning fun spring social media campaigns to attract new customers and keep them interesting for your loyal ones.  The spring season provides many reasons to celebrate and boost your brand awareness.

March Break

There’s so much to focus on in March – students, kids, their parents. Talk directly to your audience and their kids. Throw a contest and give away prizes that appeal to kids and their parents. Giveaways can include family themed products, travel prizes to Spring Break destinations or educational toys and electronics to keep them busy during the break. Find a way to connect with your customers on a personal level through their kids and they will appreciate it.

Connect with your audience with fun ideas to includes kids and their parents

International Women’s Day

March 8th is International Women’s Day, make sure to send a creative and positive message to all the amazing woman in our daily lives. Celebrate strong female historical figures in world affairs, business, science and other fields. Or just recognize the woman close to you in your life and your business to build a stronger personal connection to your audience.  Women account for 73% of the buyers of popular online shopping categories, so make sure to recognize your female customers on this day.

Saint Patrick’s Day

Needless to say “luck of the Irish” is a perfect theme for a fun contest your customers will enjoy. Launch a promotion and focus on a theme of “extreme good fortune”. Dress your social media and your website in green and post fun Irish facts and jokes all day.

Spring Cleaning

Throw a flash sale in March to get rid of the extra inventory and make room for new products. Revamp your service offers and give them a fresh newer look. Everything grows and renews in the spring, so should your business. Share articles on change, renewal and revitalizing things after a long winter.

There’s also Easter, Earth Day, Mother’s Day, April Fools. You got the idea. Take any of these days and spin your contests or promotions around a particular theme. It will help you keep things fresh and interesting and keep your social media audience engaged.  

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Helen Bagainska

Helen Baginska, Communications Strategist, has been in the payment processing industry for over 6 years. Coming from a completely different field (airline industry), she had to learn everything about electronic payments from scratch. This personal learning experience makes it easier for her to find a unique way to explain complex processes of the ecommerce world in simpler terms. Helen’s main goal is to share her expertise with the merchants, so they could make better, more educated business decisions on their ecomm account.