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How to Bring More Traffic to Your ECommerce Website

It’s simple - if you aren't getting enough visitors, you're not generating enough sales.

Every ecommerce business needs to bring enough traffic to their website. There are many ways to generate valuable traffic. Let’s go through a few basic ones to give you some ideas on best practices.

Buy Traffic

Buy traffic through pay-per-click search engines. When a potential customer searches for key words and then clicks through your website, you pay a cost-per-click. Clicks can be as cheap as 5 cents each, but can also cost a few dollars depending on factors such as competition. The important factor for the success of buying traffic is to pick relevant key words. Make sure you go beyond the standard selection of terms for your industry. Add more descriptive terms and details. For example instead of “skirt”, you can put “black lace pencil skirt”, because the more specific and relevant your keywords are, the higher the percentage of success coupled with lower costs. It might be time consuming to describe each product in detail, but definitely worth the effort if you are to invest into clicks. Google AdWords is your best friend here.

Get Better Ranking

Now that you’ve invested time into handpicking the most relevant key words for your business, you can start generating free traffic to your website as well. Quality content is what matters the most when it comes to driving free traffic to your business page. A well written article is able to generate a good amount of traffic. Start with identifying your target audience and figuring out what’s important to them and what topics would they want to see the content on. Insert some key words in the text of each article. Make sure you don’t overdo it, because the article can’t look like sales pitch and has to be catered to your potential clients’ interests. Update the content on a regular basis.

Putting up a few articles and not generating fresh content after won’t do the trick. Old content makes your website look outdated and less relevant, so if you don’t post new content you get lower ranking. The more articles you post, the more opportunities you get to effortlessly insert the key words.

Contribute Free Content

Put together a list of websites in your field and contribute relevant to the industry articles on a regular basis. Content driven websites are always on the hunt for free fresh material and they will be glad to work with you. Insert links in your article and make them “clickable”. Don’t forget to give your business’ information and the link to your website at the bottom of each article. Published content helps your website to be a valuable resource for industry related news and helps you look like an expert in your field.

Social Media

Last, but definitely not least – social media. Over 60% of North American population over the age of 13 have an account on at least one social media platform. Your business should take advantage of this level of engagement and use it to help bringing new traffic as well as creating loyalty among the existing patrons. Nowadays people expect you to be on social media and if a business has no social media presence it raises eyebrows, especially when it comes to millennial shoppers. Millennials surpassed baby boomers and will soon become a generation with the major spending power. Use social media to your advantage! Use the same high quality industry relevant content you post on your website in your social media posts. Make sure you use hashtags to expand your reach. Just a couple of relevant hashtags can improve the reach and effectiveness of your posts. Use images and videos as they attract more attention than simple text. Keep your posts short, sweet and to the point. Statistics shows that shorter posts are more engaging.

Try these basic tips and get more potential clients to your website.