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How Does Automatic Invoicing Work?

Learn how to save time and resources, while getting paid faster and with fewer errors

Automatic invoice management is great for your business. It allows you and your staff to save time and resources and gives you better visibility into your reports. You get paid faster and the number of errors is reduced. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Your business sends invoices in various formats. Some invoices are still sent by regular mail, some by fax and some by email. Your accounting team’s job is to make sure all these bills are sorted, filed and get paid on time. This is a lot of unnecessary manual work. Automated invoicing performs many of these recurring tasks automatically.  

  • With a few simple clicks, your Invoice Management solution synchronizes with your existing accounting software to pull all invoices and customer data into one platform.
  • This automated Accounts Receivable (AR) platform submits an initial invoice and late payment reminders to your customers. Once the invoice is paid, the AR software deposits the payment directly into your bank account.
  • Payments integrated in the software allow your customers to pay via credit card directly from the invoice. With a single click of a virtual button, they are redirected to a “checkout” page where they can select their preferred payment method. The Invoice Management solution then automatically reconciles all payment transactions into your accounting software.
  • With automated invoicing, your customers will receive a message when: the invoice is created, a due date is coming up, an invoice is past due and a “thank you” note when payment has been received.
  • Messages can be customized and tailored to different customer groups.

GlobalOnePay partnered with InvoiceSherpa to bring an easy invoicing management solution to small and mid-size businesses. We are now an exclusive payment processing partner that allows InvoiceSherpa customers to pay invoices via credit card. We also support multi-currency pricing and an automated account updater so your customers' credit card data is always up to date.


Tedd Huff

Tedd Huff, VP of Products, is a 19-year veteran of electronic payments, providing businesses with strategic and tactical direction by enabling a value-driven user experience. His goal is to simplify the complexity of payments and promote growth in emerging markets through fields such as mobile payments, e-commerce solutions, online fraud prevention and security. Tedd has headed a FinTech startup and delivered innovation and process improvements for multiple dominant payment organizations. As Vice President of Product for GlobalOnePay, Tedd heads up a team of global payment specialists, helping businesses grow faster by accepting a wider range of payments from virtually any market in the world.