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INFOGRAPHIC: Become a Payment Facilitator in 6 Easy Steps

Infographic showing the 6 Steps to become a Payment Facilitator for SaaS or software providers, ISVs and app developers.

Infographic showing how easy it is to Become a Payment Facilitator with GlobalOnePay


Tedd Huff

Tedd Huff, VP of Products, is a 19-year veteran of electronic payments, providing businesses with strategic and tactical direction by enabling a value-driven user experience. His goal is to simplify the complexity of payments and promote growth in emerging markets through fields such as mobile payments, e-commerce solutions, online fraud prevention and security. Tedd has headed a FinTech startup and delivered innovation and process improvements for multiple dominant payment organizations. As Vice President of Product for GlobalOnePay, Tedd heads up a team of global payment specialists, helping businesses grow faster by accepting a wider range of payments from virtually any market in the world.