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ACH Payments: How eChecks can Benefit Your Business

eChecks allow business owners to receive payments directly from their client's bank checking account, even if they don’t own a credit card.

The use of paper checks is becoming increasingly rare. Consumer preferences toward digital payments are driving the usage of paper checks to historically low levels. However, in many cases, credit or debit cards may not be an option for your clients. eChecks allow business owners to receive payments directly from their client's bank checking account, even if they don’t own a credit card.  

How do eChecks Work? 

EChecks are simply electronic versions of paper checks. Customers still need their bank routing number, account number and payment amount, however, this information is entered electronically rather than on paper. This means you can process eChecks through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network rather than physically going to a bank to make a deposit.  

Any payment for which you would normally accept a paper check, plus subscription or recurring billing, eCommerce, online invoicing and other, are ideal candidates for eCheck payments. And while you may enjoy chatting with your local teller, eliminating a bank run will certainly save you time and money. 

Steps Involved in an ACH Transaction:

How do ACH Payments Work?

Features of eChecks (ACH Transaction): 

  • Payment is completed electronically, via the ACH network 
  • Bank-to-bank transfers mean you receive your funds sooner  
  •  Online banking credentials add a level of verification that makes your payments more secure 
  • The verification process starts immediately so you never worry about losing the payment  
  •  Auto-debit capability for recurring payments means you get your money on time and never miss a payment 
  • Expands your payment options for customers and can increase sales and repeat customers  

Features of Paper Checks: 

  • Checks must be deposited at a bank 
  • Paper checks require additional hold and processing time before your receive your funds 
  • Paper checks are more subject to fraud  
  • Paper checks are easy to lose or misplace  
  • Customers need to submit physical checks for each recurring payment making late and non-payments more likely  
  • Paper check usage is steadily declining 

Start Accepting eChecks for Your Business  

GlobalOnePay makes it simple and quick to get started. Not only will you remain competitive in a fast-paced market by accepting ACH payments, but you will also never lose a sale due to not being able to accept eChecks.  

To expand your suite of payment options and start accepting ACH payments online or by telephone, contact us now


Shallana Edwards

Shallana is currently the eMarketing Brand Manager for GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments Inc. As an experienced marketer and writer, she wants to help eCommerce merchants navigate the complexity of the payments industry with simple tips, best practices and informative articles designed to help them grow domestically and internationally.