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5 Simple Steps for eCommerce Merchants to Increase Sales Conversions

Conversion rate is a key factor that determines the success of your online business.

You spend a lot of resources getting valuable traffic and expect a certain return on all the efforts you and your team put in. Increased conversions translate into higher revenue, so let’s go over what you can do to improve your numbers.

Build trust

Building trust is essential for an ecommerce business. Your website is all you’ve got as there is no actual store. It’s all your potential clients see, so it pays off to invest in the way it looks and “feels”. It’s all about customer experience, building engagement and trust. Make your website more personal by adding genuine testimonials, happy customer reviews and ranking to your website’s main page. Introduce the team behind the brand and add a personal welcome video.

Make your customers feel safe

Buying from a company you don’t really know for the first time can be stressful. Help your potential customers feel safe and secure to provide you with their personal and financial information. Display a privacy policy, add security logos, offer a guarantee and have a clear return policy. By partnering with GlobalOnePay, merchants receive an extra layer of protection with a suite of security fraud tools to safeguard your business and valued customers.

Help customers to convince themselves to buy

There are many steps that online shoppers take before they end up on your website. To name just a few core ones - problem recognition, information search and evaluation of alternatives.

More often than not, customers use product comparison websites that help them quickly evaluate each option. It means that when a potential customer is looking at your website, chances are they are looking at someone else’s offer at the same time. That’s why you need to work on helping potential customers convince themselves to pick your product or service among the variety of options.

  • ‍Add appealing high quality videos and images, a concise and convincing benefit overview and a clear call to action.
  • Have a look at your website’s landing page. Is it getting the customers excited about your product?
  • Offer immediate support. Just like in a brick and mortar store when the customer looks lost and needs assistance, you should make it easy for them to get answers. Online chat is one of the best options when it comes to getting answers.
  • Add a blog as well to show that you are a true expert in your field.

Add More Ways for Customers to Connect with your Brand

Mobile devices are dominating how consumers are engaging with businesses and their brand. Less people are viewing content on their desktop computer and engaging more on smaller mobile and tablet devices. Make sure your site is mobile friendly and apply best practices to ensure your site is mobile and tablet responsive. Consider investing in an app for your business, so consumers can engage with you even further by receiving instant notifications with special offers or coupons. Make it easy for them to purchase that must have item on their shopping list. GlobalOnePay offers an in-app payment solution making it simple for consumers to purchase with ease and feel secure while engaging with the app.

Offer multiple payment options

Whether your business reaches consumers domestically or internationally, GlobalOnePay offers a variety of payment options to help your business grow. Reach more customers by accepting consumers who want to pay with a UnionPay International card. Add the option in your shopping cart for visitors to your site to purchase items in their local currency with our multi-currency solution. Does your business offer services that require recurring billing? Then reduce declined transactions and keep your customers active with automatic account updater. When it’s time to pay, make it easy and convenient by partnering with GlobalOnePay.


Shallana Edwards

Shallana is currently the eMarketing Brand Manager for GlobalOnePay, a division of Pivotal Payments Inc. As an experienced marketer and writer, she wants to help eCommerce merchants navigate the complexity of the payments industry with simple tips, best practices and informative articles designed to help them grow domestically and internationally.