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5 Last Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas for Ecommerce

Creative and fun marketing tips to drive awareness for your brand on February 14th!

Any holiday is an opportunity to come up with one or two fun marketing campaigns to encourage your customers to interact with your brand. Valentine’s Day is not an exception. According to National Retail Federation, Americans spent $19.7 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2016. The same source states that more than 50% of people ages 18-65 years old are planning to celebrate on February 14th. These numbers show that the “V” day is a good time to work on engaging your existing clients and followers and attracting new ones. Here are a few ways you can spread the love for your brand.

1. Contest

Plain and simple. People love to enter holiday related contests. Invite your customers to take a quiz on a topic of love.  You can set up a survey or a poll  using free tools like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. Anyone who participates by providing their basic contact information can be entered to win a prize. This way you can easily collect information to grow your customer database.  Make it interesting. You can ask questions related to great love stories or iconic romantic films. Encourage your patrons to share your contest on their social media.

2.  Giveaway

Express love for your customers! Add a little something to each order placed on Valentine’s Day. It could be a few small chocolates or a card with a nice encouraging personal message. It’s common to recognize friends, colleagues and in your case – your customers on Valentine’s Day. 

3. Self-Care

There are many people that either don’t like celebrating Valentine’s Day or who haven’t met that special someone to celebrate it with. Promote self-love and self-care. Encourage people to treat themselves and spoil themselves with gifts on Valentine’s Day. Post an article or an infographic showing the importance of putting yourself first.   

Valentine's Day is all about Love! Love yourself above anyone else on this day.

4. Storytelling

Don’t be shy. Tell your clients why you love your business. Walk down memory lane and tell them how you got where you are right now. Make it fun and interesting while promoting all the great things you’ve achieved together over the years. Record a video. It’s a bonus for your customers to see how much love you have for your business and their loyalty with a short video clip.

5.  Photos and Stories

Ask your patrons to share their own love stories and photos. First date, proposal, most awkward moment at the wedding. People love talking about themselves and their relationships. Everyone who posts their story and tags your brand gets a discount code for a future purchase.

You don’t have to overcomplicate it. A simple social media and email campaign should be enough to grab your clients’ attention and remind them of your brand.  

Holidays are a great way for merchants to drive awareness for their brand. If you're looking for ways to target an international audience, read our latest blog with tips on how merchants can target customers in China on Chinese New Years and other important holidays.


Helen Bagainska

Helen Baginska, Communications Strategist, has been in the payment processing industry for over 6 years. Coming from a completely different field (airline industry), she had to learn everything about electronic payments from scratch. This personal learning experience makes it easier for her to find a unique way to explain complex processes of the ecommerce world in simpler terms. Helen’s main goal is to share her expertise with the merchants, so they could make better, more educated business decisions on their ecomm account.