GlobalOnePay smooths the way to Canadian currency processing for Seacret Skin Care

Seacret Skin Care is a wholly-owned Canadian subsidiary of Seacret Direct, an e-Commerce and direct sales company headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. The company is known for its unique skin care products produced in Israel and extracted from the muds, salts, and minerals found only in the Dead Sea, which have restorative capabilities for the skin. Seacret Skin Care products can be purchased directly from the website or from exclusive locations within North American shopping centers. Seacret Direct continues to expand its international presence as it serves current markets throughout Europe, South America, Australia, India, Israel, Japan, New Zealand and Thailand.

The challenge: payment processing for new Canadian subsidiary

In 2013, Seacret Direct spun off the Canadian division of the company into a wholly-owned subsidiary called Seacret Skin Care. At the time, Seacret Direct was using another merchant services and payment gateway solution to process North American orders through the Seacret Direct website. Canadian customers who shopped and ordered through the website saw pricing only in U.S. Dollars and payments in U.S. Dollars were subject to fluctuating exchange rates. For its new Seacret Skin Care subsidiary, Seacret Direct wanted to display and process orders for its Canadian customers in their native currency.

Seacret learned about GlobalOnePay’s multi-currency processing capabilities and transitioned all Canadian orders to its payment processing gateway. “We were up and running on the GlobalOnePay platform within just a matter of a few hours,” says Camille Transtrum, controller at Seacret Skin Care. “GlobalOnePay enabled us to keep on processing orders as usual.”

The solution: GlobalOnePay multi-currency processing

“We have been very pleased with the performance of the GlobalOnePay platform, especially during our Black Friday sales event this year,” Transtrum says. “We did more than 6,000 line items of sales in 2 ½ days and processed two months’ worth of transactions in 1 ½ days. Everything went smoothly.”

The GlobalOnePay payment gateway is integrated with Seacret Skin Care’s proprietary systems and a direct sales order fulfillment, payment, and commission system provided by Exigo. All credit and debit card transactions that are made on the Seacret Skin Care website are routed from the Exigo ordering system to the GlobalOnePay gateway for processing.

GlobalOnePay’s multi-currency processing capability enhances customer service in the Canadian market and provides Seacret Skin Care with a streamlined way to manage and track transactions and commissions. Seacret Skin Care also leverages GlobalOnePay’s tokenization capabilities, which provides access to billing data without the liability of storing sensitive card information, reducing PCI compliance issues.

“I’ve been very pleased with the reduction in our decline rates and with the high level of service we get from GlobalOnePay. The flexibility and options that GlobalOnePay provides makes my
job easier.”

Camille Transtrum
Controller, Seacret Skin Care
In her position as controller, Transtrum accesses the GlobalOnePay portal every day to ensure that all orders have been paid for in the correct amounts and have been shipped. As such, GlobalOnePay’s reporting capabilities and visibility into transactions have proven to be especially valuable to Transtrum’s efficient workflow.

“I’m very happy that we switched over to GlobalOnePay,” Transtrum says. “I love the reporting feature because I can pick the exact columns that will show in my reports, so I don’t end up with columns of extraneous information that is not meaningful. The flexibility and options that GlobalOnePay provides makes my job easier.”

The payoff: new market, no problems

As soon as Seacret Skin Care started using GlobalOnePay’s payment gateway for processing multiple currencies, the company was able to make a smooth transition to pricing and processing orders in Canadian Dollars. Over time, the company also realized a significant reduction in its credit card decline rate.

“We have seen our credit card decline rate drop significantly since we joined the GlobalOnePay platform,” Transtrum says. “Previously we experienced an average daily decline rate of about 30%, but with GlobalOnePay we are consistently below 20%, and some days as low as 7%. I’ve been very pleased with the reduction in our decline rates and with the high level of service we get from GlobalOnePay.”

In addition, GlobalOnePay’s multi-currency capabilities have helped Seacret Direct and its Seacret Skin Care subsidiary to:
As Seacret Direct expands, GlobalOnePay’s cloud-based payment gateway can help the innovative skin care company enter new markets without having to set up a local legal entity or separate bank accounts as a single point of integration provides access to 80+ processing currencies, connectivity into 130+ networks and banks, and the ability to accept all major forms of electronic payment across online, in-store and mobile channels.